What is 100bits?

100bits is an idea I had for taking advantage of the unique Bitcoin protocol. I've been intrigued with Bitcoin for awhile now, and I was trying to think of an idea that could use Bitcoin to do something which traditional monetary methods could not.

So I came up with 100bits, which sends 100 bits (.0001 BTC or ~0.0 USD) to a random user or charity instantaneously with zero fees.

Why did you make 100bits?

There are a few reasons:

How can I contact you?

You can contact me on Twitter.


What is Bitcoin?

How can I buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin on a number of exchanges. We recommend Coinbase.

Why should I sign up for 100bits?

If you're a veteran Bitcoin user, you can send a small amount of your holdings to random users or charities. Perhaps you'll send it to someone who will become a new Bitcoin fanatic. Perhaps you'll send some to a charity you've never heard of and become a huge fan of.

If you're new to Bitcoin, sign up to 100bits to be eligible for some free BTC! You could witness firsthand how cool the technology is.

What charities are on 100bits?

Here is a list of charities on 100bits